Company History

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Drop Shipping Supplier was created on June 7th of 2006, and is one of the oldest drop shipping directories that is still updated daily. The site originally was designed as an e-commerce store and helped sell bulk wholesale products.


We originally started as e-commerce merchants nearly 10 yrs ago. We realized through our own trial, and error that there was a better way to sell products over the internet than what was being offered at that time. Through the years we have grown into a self-supporting community that is dedicated to helping each member start their own business. We created the very first PSU drop shippers community that is still going strong today, we also have created over 300 e-commerce websites for our members located all over the world, and have met, or spoke personally with over 5000 suppliers throughout the years.



Our Team

Jim handles all data base product uploads
Jim Stiles got started in the industry over 20 years ago. In the mid 1980s Jim started his own successful computer business and in 1995, Jim decided to expand his business by selling gifts and collectibles, along with his personal computer systems. Jim’s decision to turn his online sales business into a real income after his retirement from federal service lead him to us, he became a member in 2008, and a part of the team in 2009. Jim is currently the owner of his own online store, and he works with us providing data uploads, and assistance with e-commerce sites.



Shenice is one of our forum moderators.Shenice Brown was one of our first members we helped her get started in the business and is now our forum moderator. She helps answer questions for beginners, and runs her own successful e-commerce website.




Tina Gammon is co founder of drop shipping supplierIn an industry predominantly run by males Tina Gammon has been the exception to the rule. A Western Ky University graduate, she is the co founder of the original PSU drop shipping forum. Tina oversees day-to-day operations of the business and handles most email correspondence.




Through his own in-the-trenches experience Jason Gammon has become a product sourcing, and e-commerce expert he is the founder of Drop Shipping Supplier, and co founder of the original PSU drop shipping forum. Jason Gammon has been in the e-commerce industry for nearly 14 years, and has worked in all aspects of the industry from auction/eBay sales, marketing, business development, website design, and search engine optimization.