The benefits of drop shipping supplier

We started our first drop shipping business back in 2006 over the last six years we have changed our concept many times. The first thing any growing company will learn to do is meet the demands of the public. We are no exception to the rule. We originally started out as a drop shippers directory with a small forum for people to ask questions on.

We like to talk…

Our forum gave us a chance to talk to, and meet many different people from all around the world. One of the first things we discovered was that people wanted to have their own e-commerce website. There were places offering this online but the problem was they were charging thousands of dollars for a simple shopping cart, and half the time they would never build the website. In 2007 we introduced website design and drop shipping to our members at a fraction of the price the so-called designers found online, or at some seminar were charging.


We did not realize the impact this would have on us, or our business at that time.  While the majority of our clients are from the USA, and Canada we have also had the opportunity to play a part in helping different people from many unique cultures. We have built websites for people from all seven continents, and over 50 countries. We have helped beginners who were just getting started, and we have helped large corporations to re-brand their image.


Drop shipping supplier has many benefits that you will not find elsewhere. You will be able to work directly with a knowledgeable and friendly staff that is here to help you to succeed. We are proud to call many of our members our friends. Our members receive one-on-one support via the telephone, and through our forums where you will also find hundreds of already answered questions posted by our members throughout the years.







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