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We receive hundreds of drop shipping questions every week, here are a few of them.


Q. I’m thinking about starting an online auction business selling sports jerseys in all sports.  I’m searching for online drop shippers who supply sports jerseys and do not charge fees.  How many of those drop shippers/suppliers do you have on your list?

Can I speak to some of your current members to get their perspective about your services?

Thank you,


A. Hi -, great to hear from you today.
We respect our members privacy and we are not permitted to give out any of our members information, we do have some of our members websites listed on our clients page though.
There are no legitimate suppliers that drop ship sports jerseys, all of the jerseys made for the NFL, NBA, etc are owned by Nike, or Reebok they only sell them to retail stores to prevent knockoffs from being sold online.

We do have suppliers for autographed sports jerseys, and sports memorabilia these would be framed jerseys, not the kind a person would wear.

Thank you


Q. A supplier has 5 units of an item I am interested in selling.  I am assuming there are other sellers listing the same item.  How will I know if the item will be available at the time the item sells on my website?


A. Hi the suppliers will usually carry a lot more than 5 of one item, usually they will carry at least 75 units in stock. They will also provide you with daily inventory most people only have to check it once or twice a week.


Q.  Would any of your dropshippers be put off by a UK based fax number coming from a US resident? Or do you think this service would be ok to use?


A. Hi I do not think you would want a Uk fax if you live in the U.S. you would need a U.S.  fax#. I have used efax before and I have never had an issue with them, really you will only need a fax for the first few months to get it all set up I have not used a fax machine in yrs.
Q. Do I have to pay the drop shippers up front BEFORE I list them on ebay?  If so, please direct me to the correct tutorials for using eBay with drop shippers.  I just signed up with you.

Thank you!

A. We have two different types of suppliers on our website. We have drop shippers, and wholesalers. The majority of our suppliers about 95% are drop shippers.
The drop shippers do not require you to pay them before you sell an item, however you will need to register an account with them first.
Once you register an account you will then get your resale pricing and access to more products, and images.

The wholesalers are suppliers you can buy in small bulk from these suppliers are for our members that have their own retail stores.
If you are going to be selling on eBay then you would not want to use them.




Q. Oh… and they are all asking for a resellers #/license.  Do I have to have that?

A. Hi almost all real suppliers will require you to have a resellers id # (which is a state tax id) and they will want you to have an ein (aka federal tax id.)
Almost all credible suppliers will want you to have them.


Q. How long does it generally take to establish the relationship with the dropshipper and to begin selling?  My main concern at the moment is to clear up all these gray areas in my mind before I make my decision in joining the site and partnering with a dropshipper.  Thanks in advance for your help.


A. I can’t really give you a good answer on this question.

The reason I cant give you a good answer is because it is totally different for everyone, each supplier handles it totally different as well.
Some members are ready to go in a day or two, and some it takes a week to a week and a half. It will really just depend on the suppliers you chose to work with, and how long it takes you to decide.


Q. I would like to know if dropshippers charge a shipping fee to the seller when the put in an order for a product.  For example, if I sold a keyboard on ebay, and I put the order in for a keyboard on the dropshippers site, would the dropshipper charge me a fee for shipping the item as well?  I am worried about this as it would take away from the profit margin of selling the item.


A. Most suppliers use UPS, or USPS to ship the items all of the suppliers charge for shipping this is normal your customer will pay for shipping it will not come out of your profits.


Q.  I purchased access to the site and have been browsing the various suppliers’ websites.  I have come across a few site that seem great to work with, however after looking at the customer applications for each site, I again have a couple questions.  Many applications require I put in a Tax ID.  How do I apply for one of these, and will this cost me anything?  Also, they ask for my business location and company name, what do I insert in these fields if I am going to sell individually on eBay?


A. Hi obtaining a tax id is free, and can be done online in a matter of minutes. In our members area you will find a link in the top right hand corner that says tax id. Once you click that link you will see a tutorial that will walk you through how to get it. Most members that work from home use their home address for the location. Your company name can be whatever you want it to be after all it is your company.


Q. Hello,
In searching for drop shippers I came across your site. I find this interesting and would like more information please.
Some of my questions are :  In regards to the 6 week training course – how is this conducted; is it online? Is there a set schedule? Is the cost of this course included in the website fee or separate?  As far as vendors – is there any sort of minimum sales requirement with any of the suppliers or any fees that are paid to them?  Do I only owe them money when a sale is made? If I wanted to do some direct sales as well as online, can I have the items shipped directly to me?  If I wanted to sell a variety of items, is there a limit to how many suppliers I can work with? If my interests span a variety of products, would it be most beneficial to set up more than one website?


A. Thank you for contacting us today here are the answers to your questions.
Our coaching program is a one on one, 6 week program, with 2 classes per week, each class is 1-1/2 to 2 hours long and held over the telephone, and computer. We cover all aspects of e-commerce, seo (search engine optimization) , and we teach you how to build a premium website, with our guidance,  then we teach you how to run, maintain, and turn it into a business. The cost for the program, with the store included is a one time payment of 1500.00. This includes the premium website, and a year of free hosting on your website.


As far as the vendors go, we have close to 1000 suppliers the majority of our suppliers around 800 are drop shippers with no minimum requirements you would only owe them money when a sale is made. The remaining suppliers are small bulk however you can limit yourself to the drop shipping suppliers if that is your interest.


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