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E-commerce website design is one of our most popular options. We were one of the first companies to offer drop shipping and website design together, and have built over 300 websites for beginners and established businesses. Our e-commerce web design team can build you a fully built store integrated with Pay Pal, or Google checkout as your shopping cart merchant for half the price of our competitors. Your new website will be a real e-commerce website powered by Zen-cart it will have no limitations on pages, products, bandwidth, or any other limits set by our competitors, you will be the owner of your website.


We offer two e-commerce website packages. The first plan we offer is $499.00 this plan includes a fully built website just like the examples shown on our clients page. Our second plan is $799.00 it also includes a fully built website we will also optimize it for maximum search engine exposure, and add a standard logo to your website.


Our method will allow you to have your own e-commerce website online using real drop shippers with no fees; you will own your own website not lease; this will allow you to grow your own business, not someone else’s!  You will have total control over your new website. We will provide you with video tutorials, to teach you how to use the website once we are finished building it for you. We also have telephone support during office hours, and a 24/7 online support forum.


You can even host the site yourself, or we can host it for you. You can use any host you would like as long as they offer cpanel, and Fantastico. These are the main two programs we need to build the website. This will allow you to own all of the files that belong to your website. We recommend Host Gator to all of our clients however, that is up to you.


Our websites -vs- a rental site


We offer our members a way to have an e-commerce website without having to pay any type of monthly fees to one of those “turnkey rent a store sites.” They go by many names and look legitimate; usually they run from $35.00 to $150.00 a month, and are usually preloaded with worthless trinkets and out of date electronics, or they offer integration with some middleman drop shipper for a monthly fee. You may wonder why we don’t recommend building a business around the “rental store” concept. I can easily answer this question for you. The main thing that every website owner needs is traffic. You must be listed in Google, or Bing for keywords that are relevant to the products you are selling.


For example if you are searching for shoes on the internet. The majority of people will go to the search engine and type in the keyword shoes, and then click on the websites that come up. Those websites that show up when you perform a search do so because they are about shoes, but they also come up because the owners of those sites use search engine optimization.  SEO is the process of getting targeted traffic from the “free, or natural” listings on a search engine. All major search engines like Google or Bing have these types of results.


Search engines will not list a rental website.


For some reason they forget to tell you about that when they are taking your money. Some of those places even charge more money to optimize the rental site. Here’s the problem with a rental site and what they don’t want you to know. They are all made from the same code, they are made from a program that basically duplicates itself over and over for each site. There is nothing to tell the search engines this site is more relevant. Think about it like this if you were getting a soda out of a twelve pack you just opened you would just reach in and grab a soda, you would put no relevancy on which soda was the best because they are all identical. Basically the search engines do the same thing with rental sites, and since they are all the same they devalue all of them.


The search engines are looking to list websites with new, and unique content/code. What it comes down to is this, if you rent a website you will be placed at the bottom of the search engines, the majority of visitors you will receive are going to be from a pay per click, or advertising campaign that can easily cost you hundreds of dollars a week. This is why we do not recommend them, you should have your own, unique website that separates you from others.

A customizable drop shipping website.

We can build your drop shipping website according to your individual specifications. Here’s how it works: Upon purchase of your new website we will email you a list of details we will need in order to build the site. The main information we will need is going to be your domain name, your hosting information, what colors you want us to use, and what type of theme you want us to build. For example, do you want us to create a home decor website, electronics, kids, general store, etc. Also, if you have any images you would like us to use like a logo, or banners you would want to send them to us as well. If you do not have a logo no problem, we will create a standard logo for you.

With the premium plan once we have completed your website we will then ask you to send us your suppliers information, along with what products you would like for us to add. It takes roughly two weeks from start to finish for us to have everything completed.

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