Hands-On Training Programs

Hands On Training – Not an outdated “One Size Fits All” Method.


What if you had hands-on training on a one-on-one basis from e-commerce leaders that will completely walk you through how to set up a drop shipping business? That is exactly what our training programs are for.
Our Hands On Training will allow you to ask your questions, and engage directly in e-commerce dialog with the most active, and advanced drop shipping staff on the web.


Over the course of 4-6 weeks with our help, you will learn how to set up, and build our premium website that is included, and how to dissect the back end of your store. You are personally walked through over 1000 features in your administration panels including:

  • How to add products from your drop shippers to the website.
  • How to create sales, specials, featured products.
  • How to set up your hosting.
  • How to set up emails, and auto responders.
  • Change your stores layout.
  • Analyze traffic flow to your website.
  • How to create attributes and sizing charts.
  • How to set up banners, and affiliate programs.
  • How to optimize your website for the search engines.
  • How to apply with the suppliers.


In your website admin panel we will walk you through every detail so you will be a step ahead of the competition.
Here is a screen shot of what your admin will look like, and one of the areas we will cover in our drop shipping training program.

drop shipping training and coaching programs

All classes are held via the telephone, and computer twice a week based on your schedule. Each class is up to one and a half hours long covering all aspects of e-commerce, drop shipping, product sourcing, Zen cart web design, set up, and much more. With this package we include our premium website a 799.00 value, and one year of free website hosting an 85.00 value plus over 20 hours of telephone support. Enrollment is starting soon, and is limited to 20 people per period. You will need to give us a call before signing up for this package, as it is an investment of time, and dedication on both your part, and ours. We want to make sure that you understand what the package comes with, and that you will be dedicated, willing, and able to learn what we teach you.

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