Turn your Facebook fans into buyers

Turn your Facebook fans into buyers

So you have set up your Facebook fan page, spread the word to all of your friends, and their friends, added some great content, and a few more friends, but no sales have come from your Fans.


Transforming your Facebook fans into buyers is essential for businesses!  This is the whole point of having a fan page, right? The problem most companies have is they fail to involve, or motivate their fans.


Here are some tips on how to excite your new found flock, and turn them into paying customers.


1. Apps.  Facebook has tons of Apps that can help you to engage your customers. One of my favorite is the Fan of the week App. This App will show your customers that you appreciate their participation on your page.

Fan of the week image












2. YouTube.

If you have a Youtube account you can embed videos about your products, reviews, commercials directly to your page and they will instantly be shared with all of your fans.



3. Constant Contact.  This application lets visitors send you emails through Facebook.


4. Contests. You will be amazed at the hoops people jump through to win a contest, and sending one viral can increase your number of followers by 1000%. The great thing about having a contest is it gets your fans involved. When having a contest you should be creative, and think about how you want the contest to benefit you, or your business.


For example you could give away something to the fan that brought you the largest number of new fans. One way to have a contest would be by allowing your customers to email you a photo of an item, and allowing others to vote on the photo they like best. Whoever gets the most votes wins. Here’s the catch, in order for someone to vote they must first like your page. I have seen contest like this bring in thousands of new fans.




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