How To Complete Against Big eCommerce Companies


Are you worried about competing against the big online eCommerce companies? You should be, prominent online retailers and eCommerce commerce companies are growing larger every day. Most big businesses have larger budgets to spend on ads and capital as well as outsourcing. However,  it isn’t the end of the world, small eCommerce businesses can still be highly successful if they utilize several methods.


1. Focus on Niche Categories


Large eCommerce companies usually stock thousands of products so they can appeal to a very wide customer base. As a small business you want to usually hone in a specialized category of products. That way you can specifically target an audience, and sometimes you can negotiate with the retailer so that you are the only one selling the products. This is usually the best business model for most small eCommerce companies. While we don’t suggest going after a specific niche product we do suggest going after a specific category instead of trying to start the next superstore.


2. Promote Extensively to the Right Audience


If you are a small or medium sized business you want to promote your products to the right audience. Use Google Analytics or your web-hosting analytics in order to look at your specific demographic and find your audience, and then tailor your ads and social media programs to match that. For example, if you are selling products for teenagers try to make your ads flashy and focus on your presence in social media. On the other hand, if you target an older audience you want to make your ads and marketing emails very simple and easy to navigate. This same concept should apply to your website design.


3. Don’t be Afraid to Use Offline Solutions to Market


Many small eCommerce businesses sell local products. If you are one of these businesses, don’t be afraid to market without using the internet. Promote your business through flyers and word of mouth. While you might not reach as many people, you will find much more of your target audience through this method.


4. Have a Fantastic Website


Many eCommerce sites I have reviewed have horrible or inefficient design that quickly scares away customers. People expect you to have a modern, website that is easy on the eyes don’t worry about filling it with flashy pictures, or ads. Keep the design minimal with easy navigation. Also, be sure that you offer a search function for your site that works well. Finally, check out Google Site Search. It provides numerous benefits for small businesses.


5. Be Available


As a small business you probably focus on having a small group of loyal customers who buy frequently as opposed to having a large group of customers who buy once or twice a year. If so you want to make sure that you are available to your customers at all time. Communication is key. If you’re  planning on competing against a bigger eCommerce company you need to make sure that your online support is top-notch, and available whenever any customer has questions. Also, don’t be afraid to email or post a personal survey asking your customers a variety of questions about satisfactions, suggestions, etc. You should at minimum offer a contact us form an email address, and if possible a telephone number so your customers can contact you if a question arises.


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