How to make your products stand out

How to make your products stand out

As a child my grandmother would always say: “the early bird gets the worm” and usually she was correct. In an e-commerce setting this saying can be modified to the busy bird gets the worm. The more effort you place into your website the better off you will do. One of the most crucial areas is your product listing page.


Learning how to make your e-commerce products stand out will help you convert more sales, and it will also help your products to show up higher in the search engines.  Over the years we have seen some very boring product pages like this one.


example of a boring product listing




As you can see they have done the bare minimum, one picture, a title, and some cut and paste text. Let’s look at this in more detail to see what we can do to optimize this, and make it stand out.


1. Images.  Most suppliers will provide you with more than one image for your products, and Zen-cart allows you to upload additional images for the products so why now give your customers more to look at. Here’s a good example of one of our clients sites using multiple images. Click the image for a larger view.


Example of a website using multiple images


As you can see they have taken the time to add fabric options, and cushion options to the additional images section so that their customers can get a clear idea of what they are buying. You can be creative with this and add different angles, views, or even show pictures of the product in use.

From an SEO perspective, you will want to make sure you are doing basic image optimization as well.

  • If possible, you should use descriptive filename e.g. wicker-chair.jpg  instead of 1234.jpg


While we’re on the topic of SEO one of the things we like about Zen-cart is you do not have to manually optimize each product (although the option is there if you want to do it). Zen-cart will automatically use the data you enter into the title, and description area as the products meta title, and description. Here is how the meta-tags would look for the wicker furniture.


sample of meta tags


As you can see the title of the product is placed in the title area along with the model number, and the price. A snippet of the description has also been added to the description in the meta description area.


2. Social signals. Allowing your customers to share your products on their favorite social websites is a great way to increase traffic to your site, and to build up back links to those inner product pages. You can easily place an add this button on your product listing page that will allow your customers to share your site to hundreds of social circles.


3. Customer reviews. Zen-cart has a review feature built right into the site that will allow your customers to publish 5 star reviews that are then fed into the search engines. Allowing your customers to write reviews on your products is a great way to build confidence in your merchandise, and your overall brand. It is also a great source of unique content if you are worried about negative reviews don’t be your customers are human, and can tell when someone is leaving a bad review for no reason.


For example I recently purchased my son a small four foot above ground swimming pool online. I looked at many reviews on the pool, and one of the worst complaints came from a lady that was upset because at the end of the year when she removed the swimming pool it had killed her grass. I found the review to be quite funny anyone should know that 3000 gallons of water sitting in one spot for six months is going to kill your grass.


The best way to get your customers to leave reviews, and to get additional repeat sales is to have an incentative based email campaign set up. For example, a few days after your customer purchases a product you send them an email offering them a 10% off coupon on an additional purchase if they write a review on their purchase.


4. Product Videos. This one will be a bit tricky because not all suppliers will offer videos however, You Tube has an enormous amount of video reviews you can find, and embed into your product page. Obviously this would be something you would want to add to products that don’t sell out often. A great example of the right way to do this is Zappos who now have over 55,000 product videos.

Zappos video in the products description.


Zappos serp results


There are several reasons to use videos on your website for one it helps your listings to stand out in the search engines. Videos will also give your customers a better view of the product, and could potentially help conversion rates.


Signs of Trust. When you are shopping at a retail store you are physically present in that store, you see the cashier, you hear the music playing, you can touch, and feel the products. In an e-commerce store you do not have those advantages so you are going to have to do the next best thing build trust. A few simple ways to do this is by adding an address, an 800 number, along with some of the things we have already covered like customer reviews, and social destinations like Google +, and Facebook.






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Hi guys after 20 years in the health and fitness industry I finally decided to take up drop shipping. Your site has been very helpful at an awesome price too!!!

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