Improve your checkout system

Improve your checkout system

Improve your Checkout System
The old saying, “it’s not a sale until the cash hits the register” is certainly true for eCommerce businesses as well. You can have customers go over your website, become impressed with what you have to offer and get them to the point of purchase. But if your checkout system is not right, then all that effort goes to waste as you lose money from a faulty checkout system.

There are a number of things you can do to insure that your checkout system runs smoothly and efficiently so that anyone who wants to make a purchase can do so easily. The first thing to keep in mind is that the sale is the most important aspect of your business, everything else is secondary. Plus, sales tend to have everything else take care of themselves, so here are a few things you can do to put sales first by insuring your checkout system is running right.



Include a “Persistent” Cookie
In essence, a persistent cookie allows a shopper to temporarily leave the checkout process and then return at the point in which they left. Otherwise, they will have to start all over again. Having a persistent cookie can help save a potential sale.

Keep Registration as an Option
Instead of making registration mandatory, offer it as an option to customers who might be interested, but otherwise add an option to get around it. For example, with Zen cart you can use Pay Pal Express. However, the down fall to keeping registration optional is that you will not have your customers information stored in your stores database which means you will have no way to market to them in the future.

Make it Easy for Customers to Go Back
The checkout process for customers is rarely one-way. In essence, a customer may get most of the way through a checkout and then decide to go back and add items. So you want to accommodate them by at least having a link to your home page on every page of the checkout, such as adding a hyperlink to your home page on the logo.
This way, your customers do not have to fight to find their way back to the beginning if they want to add something to their list of items.

No Surprises
One sure-fire way of losing business is having a customer get all the way through a checkout and then surprising them with an unexpected cost. Usually this comes in the form of adding shipping costs late in the checkout process. You can avoid these surprises by adding a shipping calculator and a pre-checkout tax inclusion for when it applies at the beginning of the checkout process.

Optimize for Page Load Speed
It’s amazing how many time we optimize virtually every other page on the website to insure that customers can find the products they want quickly, but fail to do so with the checkout pages. Make sure your checkout pages run just as fast and smoothly as the rest of your website.

Customer Service
Even the best, most efficient and clear checkout systems may confuse or breakdown on buyers. Having a customer service number of live chat link prominent on your checkout site can save the sale. It’s amazing what a little help can do to insure that you get more sales from your website.

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