Optimizing tips for an ecommerce website.

Optimizing tips for an ecommerce website.

Almost every day we receive an inquiry from one of our website members on how to improve traffic to their e-commerce website. While the possibilities are endless on this I am going to cover some of the top tips we give to beginners.


1. Add text

The search engines use robots to scour your website, those robots analyze the data on the website, and send it back to the search engines the information sent to the search engines will help determine where your website is listed. The robots are blind (to an extent) think of a book in Braille the robots read your website very similar to this. They cannot read an image, flash, or a video they can only read text.

While your website may be one of the most visually appealing on the net without text the search engines will have no idea what it is about. Your job is to ensure they know what every page is about.


Here’s an example click for larger view:

a good website we built

As you can see this home page has good descriptive text with their main keyword (Landscaping Illinois) throughout. They have told the search engines our website is about landscaping and our customers are in the Illinois area. If you perform a quick Google search for this keyword you will find them at number two.


Text should be added to every page of the website especially the categories you want the search engines to know exactly what each category is about. Here’s an example from the same site.

good design example


As you can see this category is about Boulder water features, and has some nice descriptive text.


2. Build trust

One of the easiest ways to build trust is by having a great customer service area on your website with one, or two forms of contact. We recommend having an address, a working 800, or local telephone number, or a contact us form. If you are using drop shippers, and don’t have a physical location you can still use your home address. The worst thing that will happen is you may get some extra junk mail.


3. Connect with your customers

The best way to make customers is by connecting with them. Small business owners should make time to devote to each customer like a mom, and pop grocery store would do in the old days. Creating a Google +, or Facebook page and holding contests, posting products on Pinterest, and sharing videos on Youtube are four easy ways to keep your customers involved and coming back.


4. Linking back

Make sure when you share on your favorite social sites that you link back to your website this allows you to build your brand, and helps your website to grow in the search engines naturally.  Posting your link on related blogs, forums, social sites, directories, and other related domains will help increase your traffic tremendously.

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