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With over 1000 real suppliers in our drop ship directory you can rest assured you are eliminating the middleman, and starting your business the right way.

No Monthly Fees Ever


Real suppliers do not have monthly fees, and neither do we! Our members have access to every legitimate supplier in the USA, and Canada with no monthly fees ever.

Real Drop Shipping Suppliers


Real suppliers want to work with you. You can say goodbye to the middlemen, and unnecessary fees, and hello to real drop shippers, and wholesalers.

Drop Shipping Supplier was established to offer a safe, and affordable solution to everyday people interested in starting an e-commerce business. Our members have access to every verified drop shipper, and wholesaler in the USA, and Canada. Our services also include e-commerce website design, and search engine optimization.

Benefits of working with real drop shipping suppliers


Avoiding the middleman

If you are looking for suppliers online odds are you will probably come across what we in the industry refer to as the middleman, or broker. The internet is plagued with these scammers they have one sole purpose to take you for every dime they can.

Here's how these companies operate.

1. They create an account with a real supplier.

2. Then, they place all of the real suppliers merchandise on their website.

3. Next they increase the price of each item by 20-40%.

4. Then, they call themselves a drop shipper, and charge people who are new to e-commerce a monthly fee to drop ship ‘their products.’

These guys prey off of people who are new to the e-commerce industry. They get people in by giving away so-called "free trials" but once they obtain your credit card information they charge you for everything under the sun.

Here's what they don't want you to know.

You can use the same drop shippers as they use, and hundreds of others without any monthly fees, or markups.

Accessing your suppliers in our drop shipping directory gives you the ability to eliminate the middleman, and their monthly fees. This will allow you to sell your merchandise for less, achieve greater sales, and earn more money per sale.

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Does drop shipping work?

The first thing you should realize is that drop shipping is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme of any kind. It takes motivation, dedication, and hard work to be successful. The second thing to realize is that unless you're working with a legitimate supplier, and not a middleman you will never make a profit because everyone will be selling their products for a lot less than you are. The drop ship business model was created in the 1800s to help consumers out in the west to avoid the middlemen and to this day middlemen are still preying upon people who do not have the proper education.


Things to watch out for when looking for a supplier.

  • Free Trials--All real suppliers are free so there is no need for a trial!
  • Monthly fees--Why should you pay someone to sell their items?
  • Sites that instantly add products to eBay, or Amazon.
  • Offers to set up accounts with the supplier for you.
  • Promises get rich quick drop shipping secrets.
  • Offers preloaded "turnkey" rent-a-website stores.
  • Tele-markets you day and night wanting you to buy, or subscribe to something.


Here's how we help you.

Drop Shipping Supplier is an online portal to real suppliers. We give you access to over 1000 real suppliers in our directory with no monthly fees. We rotate new suppliers in, and out on a weekly basis to keep our directory updated and fresh. This also helps prevent our members from selling the same thing. We also have a beginners forum for you to ask questions to established e-commerce veterans, and to other beginners, one-on-one telephone support, and direct email support.

Working directly with a real supplier instead of a middleman will have many benefits. You will be able to get your products cheaper, you will not have to pay any monthly fees to anyone, and you will be able to sell your products for less, which will allow you to achieve greater sales, while making more money from those sales.


How the supply chain works.

The manufacturers job is to produce the products, at their factories, most manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and thousands of others are located overseas. They have to have somewhere in the USA to send these products to once they are made. This is where the wholesalers, and drop shipping companies will come into play.



The wholesalers store the merchandise in large warehouses throughout the USA. They have one main job, and that is to distribute the products as quickly as they can.

They will sell their products in large quantities to retail outlets like Best Buy, and Sears, they will also sell them to smaller drop shipping companies, some of them even offer their own drop ship programs. Wholesalers that offer this are often referred to as drop shipping wholesalers.


Drop shippers

The drop shipping companies that buy in bulk from the wholesalers, have one job as well, to find merchants to sell the products they have purchased as quickly as they can.


The middleman

Here's where it gets tricky, these are the type of companies you find online while searching for drop shipping suppliers. The middlemen also have one job, and it's to trick you. Here's how they do it, first they find the real suppliers, and create an account with them, then place their inventory on a website, raise the price by 20-30%, and trick you into believing they are a real supplier. They make a profit off of your hard-earned sales, by charging you monthly fees for services that are free.


This is where we come in we eliminate the need for a middleman, by providing you with the most up-to-date, and legitimate drop shipping community available online.



Sourcing your suppliers through our directory will allow you to get your products from real drop shippers, and other reputable sources instead of middleman. Since 2006 we have been helping our members to find the best suppliers online, and we have built a long lasting business relationship with a great number of them.