Why don’t you show products from the drop shippers?

One of the most frequent questions we receive at least once a week is “why don’t you show any example  products from the drop shippers on your website?”


Here are the reasons:  We don’t have any products we are not a supplier. Your products come from the drop shippers not us. Each supplier we have listed in the directory has anywhere from 5000 products, to 5,000,000 products, and they change every day. Now multiply that by a thousand suppliers, and obviously that’s a lot of merchandise!


We honestly have no way to keep track of what they are selling, and what the prices are. Products sell out, and prices change every day, and with that many products coming from different suppliers we would never be able to keep track of what was being carried.  I received an email a few months back from a client looking for auto accessories, and I sent him back a responding email explaining the situation to him, and his reply was “well Doba has products on their website for you to see.”


That is true they do have products on their website however, what he did not realize is I have seen those same products on that website for the last three years. The cool thing about the internet is everything is archived, and anyone can access those archives.


Here’s a screenshot of their product selection from July 2010 click the image for larger view.

Archive screenshot of old products




Here is one from today click the image for larger view.

internet archive 2



Does anything look familiar?  They are the same products, and I would be willing to bet they have been sold out for years. Suppliers don’t keep merchandise in stock for two, or three years. Their job is to sell the merchandise as fast as they can so they can buy the next model, and that vacuum along with the other products on that page is going on three years old.   Now we could easily do this because it is a very crafty selling technique. However, we don’t feel it is a very honest one.


A couple of other issues arise from leaving outdated products on your website as well. The problem is products lose their value over time. Take for example the Blu-Ray player. When Sonys Blu-Ray player first hit the shelves it was priced way over $1000.00 today you can pick one up for around $100.00 unfortunately the same thing happens to vacuum cleaners. Take for example the Hoover C1415 that has been listed for years as a product you will be able to sell.


In figure one the vacuum is listed for: Wholesale Price: $193.81 Suggested Retail Price: $307.50. However, a quick Google search for the trusty Hoover shows a different story. Here’s what it is selling on Amazon for today.

products to dropship



It’s going to be pretty hard selling your vacuum at the suggested retail price of $307.50 when you’re competing against someone else selling the same thing for 129.99!  I am sure they have marked the vacuum down as well, or at least I hope they have if it is even in stock.


Now let me explain to you why these drop shippers don’t update their products, and give you another reason why we choose not to list any. It is not because they are lazy, or forget to do it. The reason that most companies don’t update the products on a business website is because it affects their seo. Search engine optimization is a technique that every website uses to get found online.


There are two types of websites a dynamic website, and a static website. A dynamic website is a site that has content that changes daily. For example, an e-commerce website is a dynamic website. The search engines expect their content to change frequently therefore they are not penalized by the search engines if some of their content like their products change.


A static website is a website that is written entirely using HTML one page at a time.  Once you create a page the search engine will index that page, archive it, and expect it to stay put. It is possible to modify the page however, if you do it can destroy your rankings for the page, and possibly hurt your entire websites rankings. This can cause the website to lose money, and that’s not a good thing.


Our website like most of the other business websites found online is a static website (with exception to the blog pages, and members area). This means if we added example products to our website we would have no choice as well, but to leave them there for years.


We choose to leave them off the website completely however, you can always give us a call, or send us an email, and we will be glad to tell you what our suppliers carry.

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That was so helpful makes sense too. Thanks

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