USA and Canadian drop shippers

Access every verified U.S., and Canadian drop shipper, and wholesaler.

Our members work directly with over 1000 real drop shippers, and wholesalers in our community. Our members have direct access to almost every manufacturer in the world, from licensed name brand electronics, home decor, furniture, pet supplies, outdoor hunting, fishing, pet supplies, children’s clothing, and thousands of other options. Our goal is to provide you with the best drop shippers, and wholesalers in the USA, and Canada, and make it easy for you to sell their products, and make a profit.


The biggest reason you can sell their products online is because we don’t approve just any, and every supplier into our directory; only the best drop shippers in the USA, and Canada are listed in our directory.


While searching online you will find websites that claim to have anywhere from 9,000-90,000 drop shippers in their directories. We know this is far from the truth; think about it for a minute, if there were 90,000 drop shippers in the USA that would be over 1600 per state. If this was the truth there would be more suppliers than McDonald’s has restaurants. I think you, and I both know better. Here’s the truth, there are around a thousand legitimate U.S, and Canadian drop shippers.  You will have access to all of them in our directory.


The risk of buying from overseas suppliers.

Some of our not-so-legitimate competitors who claim to have these tens-of-thousands of suppliers inflate their numbers by adding companies from other countries, like China, Japan, and Germany. One problem with that is they have no way to truly verify that those companies, or their products are legitimate. Another issue is that 90% of all counterfeit merchandise comes into the USA through overseas suppliers, and it is illegal to sell. If you resold something from an overseas supplier that turned out to be fake, even if you did not know, you would be the one held responsible. This is why we only list companies we can verify to be the real deal.


If you are trying to find a specific line of products, or if you are interested in what items our suppliers carry, we recommend you give us a call, or send us an email, and we will let you know if those items are available, or not.
We can also source wholesale products for you. If there is a specific product, or line you are looking for, and we don’t have a supplier for it we will try our best to find it for you, even before you create an account with us.



Three facts about working with a real supplier

Working with a real drop shipper, or wholesaler is a lot different from working with a middleman for quite a few reasons.


1. A real drop shipper works in a warehouse all day, not in a call center, they are busy filling orders not telemarketing people. When you create an account with a real supplier it usually takes a few days for them to get you all set up, and ready to go.


2. A real drop shipper will never charge a monthly fee. This is the biggest myth in the industry it is simply not true.  You are helping them by selling their products, not the other way around. A small portion of our suppliers,  1% or roughly 10 out of 1000, may have a one-time application fee. They do this to weed out the real sellers from the curious usually it is around 20.00, and most of the time you will get it applied to your first order. This is something that we have started to see in the last year or two from the suppliers point of view when you create an account with them they have to pay their employees to set up those accounts, answer questions, fill out the paperwork, and get you into their system. This can cost the suppliers a lot of money, especially if they have to do this several times a day for people who have no real intentions of selling their merchandise.


3. You will need to apply to work with a real supplier. However, they will approve you, another myth started by the middlemen is that you cannot work with a real supplier. What the bad guys don’t want you to know is that while your out looking for suppliers, the suppliers are also looking for you. This is where we come in, we help by bringing you directly to them.

4. Real drop shippers want to work with you, they are always looking for new merchants to sell their products.


Drop shippers for eBay


Through the years one of the one of the most frequent questions we have been asked is “can drop shippers be used for eBay”? The answer is yes, but they have to be real drop shippers, and not middlemen. You will have to get your products at a price that is low enough to compete while allowing you to make a profit. The middlemen have made it sound like every product will be profitable on eBay, they also trick people who are just getting started in the industry into believing that selling products on eBay is “easy, quick,” and “hands free,”. Eventually you will learn this is simply not true, they hide the fact that eBay is a wholesale site, not a retail site not every product will be profitable there.


In order to successfully sell products on eBay you have to build an inventory.


If you go to eBay and pull up any power sellers profile you will notice almost all of them have an inventory of at least 100 products that they are selling all the time. They do not get all of these items from one supplier. In a perfect world you would find one supplier, and that supplier would have a million different products all of which you could sell and make a lot of money. In reality this is not how it works, most power sellers will use several different suppliers to source their products from.
For example if you create an account with a supplier who has 5000 products, out of those 5000 products you should find a good 10-20 items you can sell daily and make an average of $10.00-to-$100.00 a piece on. Then you will find another supplier, and repeat the process over, and over this is how you build your inventory. What will happen over the course of several months is you will end up with a good 100, or so items you are selling consistently. This is the only way to successfully sell products on eBay using drop shippers.


To be successful at this, you have to understand that you are starting a business, and with any business it takes time, getting started, and building your inventory is the hard part, but the rewards can be great if you are truly dedicated, and learn the right way. However, if you think this is an instant get-rich-quick on eBay plan we are not the right company for you. The only way you are ever going to start a real business on eBay, or anywhere else is with hard work, and determination. We will supply you with the tools to succeed, but it will be up to you to use them.


Tools for eBay

While we’re on the subject of tools, some of our competitors claim to have tools for eBay that will “push products to the market” or will tell you exactly what products are profitable on eBay. They use these tools as a way to justify their high prices what they don’t tell you is eBay offers most of these same tools to you for free. You can learn more about these tools here.

How to use drop shippers

How drop shipping really works.