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We receive hundreds of emails every week with questions about our website design and drop shipping packages. Here are some of those emails.  These are real clients emails the only thing that has been altered is their names and any identifying information.


Q. How many products will my website be able to hold, and how many pages will I have?

A. The websites can hold an unlimited amount of products, and it can make as many pages as you would like to have.


Q. I want to open an MC/Visa/Discover merchant account to link to the checkout.  Do you have any insight into any that are preferred?

Also, when customers send a message to me on the “contact us page”, will it come to me through an outside e-mail account or will there be a ***** e-mail attached?

A. Hi you will just need a Pay Pal account they will accept all of the major credit cards for you.
In your hosting you will be able to set up as many email accounts as you want and plug them directly into the store.


Q. I have already purchased a domain name from Go Daddy, how will I switch it to a new host.

A. This is easy here are the instructions. To change the name servers
1. Log into your go daddy account go to your domain manager
2.Click the domain and then you should see a button that says (name servers)
3.Click that button then choose the last setting that says I have specific nameservers for my domains.

Then you will copy and paste both of the name servers that will be supplied by your host into your account.


Q. The Web host I am looking at told me they use Simple Scripts.  Will this work?

A. We would recommend you use a hosting company with cpanel, simple scripts will work as long as they have cpanel.
We recommend they are one of the largest and best hosting companies online.


Q. I currently have a B2B business with a site I built using drag and drop functions since I am not very website savvy.  The drag and drop site builders do not produce a very professional looking site so I prefer to use your website building services for the B2B I am just starting.  Are the websites you design easily modified using a template or does it require an IT background?  Thank you.

A. Great to hear from you today our websites use Zen cart which has a full admin section where you will be able to make changes to the site, add products, create sales, send multiple emails and thousands of other options. We provide you with online video tutorials to teach you how to use it. Basically you will tell us how to design it and we will do the hard part, then you will be able to easily make changes to the site.


Q. I meant to also ask, does the standard membership provide full access to the supplier list (i.e. what they offer, pricing, shipping/return policies and other pertinent information)?

A. Hi the standard membership provides a description of what they offer. We have all the suppliers in categories for example, electronics, home decor.
We do not have a detailed list of what each supplier carries for a few reasons mainly because we have close to one thousand suppliers and each supplier has anywhere from one thousand to one million products on their websites that change frequently, with that many items we have no way of knowing what they are carrying.

All of the suppliers will provide you with their pricing, shipping/returns and all other policies after you create an account with them.
Q.I have read more reviews about your site and I’m pretty much convince on it. I’m interested to sign up a membership, but before that I have questions to ask. Here are the ff:

a. Are you a middle man?
b. If not, Can you provide help/assistance for newbies acquiring product I wanted to sell from the whole seller companies?
a. I’m from Philippines, Can I use your services? ( I will used a rented P.O. Box U.S. address for product returns)

A. We are not a middleman we are a directory of USA based suppliers we supply you with the companies to work with but you
would have to create the accounts with them. We have members from all over the world that use our suppliers you will need the USA address however some suppliers want you to sell on your own website. Do you have one of those?

Q. I am interested in motorcycle apparel, helmets,leathers etc..i would like 2 know what type of suppliers u have for this type of web business and which plan would be better for this. I already have my domain name and business license. Thanks,

A. Hi we have 3 different suppliers for this two of them specialize in leather clothing and one specializes in motorcycle/atv parts and accessories.
As far as the plans go we are running a special on all of our website plans right now.  If you are new to e-commerce and are just wanting a website our premium plan would be the best all-in-one plan we have.

Now we also have a coaching plan that is for new people as well if you have some extra time available I would recommend this it is a 6 week training course that includes the website as well.


Q. I was recently contacted by a group called advanced learning.  They introduced me to the drop shipping business but want me to pay 5k to 18k dollars to get started and use their coaching program.  This led me to do some research which led me to you.  I would like to know the difference between you and companies like advanced learning systems and what your coaching program consists of.  I would also like to know the cost of your program.  Please send me some info and if I am interested, I will call to talk to a live person about this opportunity.


A. Thank you for contacting us this evening, our coaching program is a one on one, 6 week program, with 2 classes per week, 1-1/2 to 2 hours per class held over the telephone, and computer. We cover all aspects of e-commerce, seo (search engine optimization) , and we teach you how to build a premium website, with our guidance  then we teach you how to run, maintain, and turn it into a business. The cost for the program, with the website included and access to our suppliers directory with close to 1000 suppliers, and our private members forum is a one time payment of 1650.00. This includes everything you will need to start your business, and a year of hosting on your website.


I do not know what advanced learnings program is like so I cannot really tell you the difference, however I can tell you that if you would have paid 18k you would have been way over paying. I have no idea what they could be charging that much for. If you think this is something you would like to do we will be glad to teach you the right way to do it.
I am glad you decided to investigate first.



Q1. Im from Australia what service provider will I use ?
A. Do you mean for drop shipping or for hosting the website? You can host the website with any provider as long as they have cpanel and fantastioc.

Q2. Do you design the web site ?
A. Yes we use Zencart which is a theme based shopping cart system.

Q3. Do all drop shippers require up front payment ? or do you only pay when the product is sold ?
A. The majority of our suppliers 90% of them, and all drop shippers require you only pay them after the product is sold.

Q4. How much money do you need to start up ? and how much will it cost to run on monthly basis?
A. For start up you will need the money to pay for the plan, really on a monthly basis it will depend on you.
You will need to pay to have your website hosted this runs around 6.00 a month, that is really your only necessary cost.
There are other optional costs like marketing, and seo, but these will not be mandatory.

Q5. Do you have to do you or own product sourcing ? and if so do you teach how to ? or does the drop shipper know whats popular and you simply up load their products on your web site

A. Those product sourcing tools do not work most of them are created to make people think they are getting something good when they’re not. The drop shippers will let you know what their popular items are and you can choose from there.

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