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Website Faq More

Here is a list of policies for the websites we build, if you have any questions about these policies please ask. The main information we will need from you to get started will be your domain name, your hosting providers information, what colors you want your store to have we recommend at least two colors. Most clients will have one main color, and then a secondary color. We will also need to know  what type of theme you want us to create. Most people decide their theme based off of what they are selling.  For example, do you want us to make a clothing store, a home decor website,  kids, general store, etc. Also, if you have any images you would like us to use like a logo, or banners you would want to send them to us as well. If you do not have a logo no problem, we will create a standard logo for you.


Please note:


The standard logo consists of your website name in one photo shop font.


All customers must provide us with any images they want us to use 100% completed, and in the proper size. If you do not have any images we will gladly supply you with some standard stock images to use on your website. Your suppliers should furnish you with all of the images you will need for your products.


We are not responsible for any type of artistic, graphic, or photo shop work.


We will add one hundred products to your store from your drop shippers website. One product is one single item that can be purchased from your store. We do not add sizes, colors, or any type of attributes, you will be able to add those yourself in your admin panel.


For the premium websites, the 100 search engine back links we add can take up to four months to be completed. Here’s why: You do not want to add 100s of back links to a brand new website all at once, doing so can cause the search engines to consider you a spammer, and can get you banned from Google.


You want the back links to appear as natural and spread out. This will give you a consistent flow of new links coming into your website which should help push your store higher into the search engines.


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